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my present to LP
  jase, Dec 25 2008

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  jase, Dec 10 2008

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

The WBCOOP is an online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers.

Registration code: 219908

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Stake Post
  jase, Dec 05 2008

edit: Got a stake, going to keep this here though to motivate myself.

Been tossing with the idea to do this, I've asked people on MSN for a stake as I didn't want to do this publicly, but it's had to come to that, as it seems all the people I talk poker with are downswinging at the moment

I play 6max NLHE. I've beaten 25NL, 50NL over a considerable amount of hands (over 100k), at 100NL I won over 40k hands but then epicly ran bad and I'm not quite convinced I can beat this level of the game yet.
I have access to a Deucescracked and Cardrunners account and have been trying to watch at least a video every 2-3 days. I consult with people on MSN about hands, general strategy and anything else I have questions about, and have learnt a LOT from these people (lachlan, semper, Python, djforever, kimseongchan, rockman + anyone else I forgot).
I've just started a new job which is a lot, LOT less time intensive than my previous one so I feel I'll be putting in more hands than ever, I'm hoping to be able to play at least 25k hands/month 10tabling 25NL or 6tabling 50NL.

The reason I need a stake is this; 6 weeks ago I was playing 50NL with a 50buyin roll, over the course of a month (about 20k hands) I lost over half my roll, I trawled through stats, consulted people with hands and basically was crying out for help anywhere I could. I felt like utter crap so I cashed out a little and moved back down to 25NL, over 20k hands at 25NL I lost 18 buyins and gave up. Again, I went over and over stats, my graph shows I am down well over 10buyins in EV and as for the other 8, I honestly couldn't tell if I was spewing or just running badly.

As far as graphs/stats go I am limited in what I can provide, I have my old PT2 graphs from 25NL, 50NL and some 100NL but hands from the past 6 weeks got lost in transit to my new computer. All the last 6 weeks show is a breakeven EV line and a -$14984190741097 graph anyway.

PM me to talk terms, would offer access to my stars account 24/7, access to HH's, whatever is needed. Now for some graphs/stats that I've been able to dig up from old blog posts:

PS. Some of my previous blog posts talked about cashing out for RL reasons which were all true, however, now that I have been fortunate enough to be chosen for this new job I am earning a lot more and will no longer need to touch any money that I happen to have online
Right now I am determined to beat this game, I am not satsified with how I played for the last 6 weeks and I want to rectify this. I can beat this game.

PPS. While I haven't asked them I'm sure most of the people I mentioned above would vouch for my credibility also.

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